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We are proud to be a
North American representative of MPA Srl., an Italian manufacturer of Standard and Special Heads for CNCs and SPMs.

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Replacement Parts
Custom Parts, Assemblies
Rebuild & Retrofit
MPA Heads
Modular Heads
(Flange Mount)
Pendulum Heads
(Flange Mount)
Turret Heads
(Flange Mount)
Custom Angle and Multi Spindle Heads (ATC Shank or Flange Mount)
Custom made Live Tooling
Tooling and Accessories
90 Slim Angle Heads
(ATC Shank)
90 Angle Heads
(ATC Shank)
90 Offset Angle Heads
(ATC Shank)
90 Dual Output Angle Heads
(ATC Shank)
Multiple Output Angle Heads
(ATC Shank)
90 Milling Heads
(ATC Shank)
Adjustable Angle Heads
(ATC Shank)
90 Milling Heads
(Flange Mount)
Adjustable Angle Heads
(Flange Mount)
Speed Increasers
(ATC Shank or Flange Mount)
Adjustable Center Distance Multi Spindle Heads (Flange Mount)
Adjustable Centre Distance Heavy
Duty Heads (Flange Mount)
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Cambridge, ON N1R 7J2
tel. 519-624-3136
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