rebuild_retrofit_enerpac_detail_3.jpg rebuild_retrofit_enerpac_detail_2.jpg rebuild_retrofit_enerpac_detail_1.jpg rebuild_retrofit_enerpac.jpg rebuild_retrofit_miroku_detail_1.jpg rebuild_retrofit_miroku_detail_2.jpg rebuild_retrofit_miroku_detail_3.jpg rebuild_retrofit_miroku.jpg rebuild_retrofit_dehoff_detail_3.jpg rebuild_retrofit_dehoff_detail_2.jpg rebuild_retrofit_dehoff_detail_1.jpg rebuild_retrofit_dehoff.jpg all_mdc_name.jpg all_mdc_logo.jpg
55 Raglin Place, Unit 4
Cambridge, ON N1R 7J2
tel. 519-624-3136
Copyright 2012-2016 MDC Manufacturing, Design & Consulting Inc.
We have successfully retrofitted a number of rotary transfer SPMs, gundrilling machines, face and center machines, grinding machines, and rebuilt numerous drilling and tapping units, cartridge and block spindles, speed increasers and multi spindle heads.
DeHoff retrofit
DeHoff retrofit detail 2
DeHoff retrofit detail 3
Miroku retrofit detail 1
DeHoff retrofit detail 1
Miroku retrofit
Manufactured and/or supplied by MDC Manufacturing, Design & Consulting Inc. All manufacturers' names, numbers and descriptions are used for reference purposes only and it is not implied that any part listed is the product of the OEM.
Miroku retrofit detail 2
Miroku retrofit detail 3
Enerpac Swing Clamp rebuild
Enerpac Swing Clamp rebuild detail 1
Enerpac Swing Clamp rebuild detail 2
Enerpac Swing Clamp rebuild detail 3
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